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5 Tips For Dog Walking

We all know that we should exercise our dogs regularly. However, sometimes our dog is so out of control that we sometimes don’t bother because we don’t want the embarrassment of having to go through tantrums in front of the neighbours. If this sounds like your daily routine when taking your dog for a walk then you need to read these 5 tips for dog walking.

Use a Short Leash

A short leash gives you more control over your dog. Attach the leash to the top of the neck and ensure that it is secure and not too tight or too loose. This heightened control can help you to easily guide and correct him when he is trying to control you. You need to be in control of him at all times, not the other way around.

Walk in Front

As stated above, you need to be in control of the dog. If the dog is pulling you on the walk, it is controlling you. Instead, make sure that you hold the dog’s leash close to your body (use 2 hands if need be) and that you’re always walking ahead of the dog. This will show dominance and show him that he doesn’t have control over you and that you are, in fact, the pack leader.



Dogs have a really strong sense of smell and they will want to sniff nearly everything that they walk past. If the dog has been well behaved up until this point in time, you can loosen the leash slightly to give him more freedom to sniff around and do what dogs do. However, when you decide that this reward is over, you should stop the dog and continue with your walk, maintaining your position in front.

Arriving Home

The walk doesn’t end when you get home, instead you need to remove the leash, remove your shoes and enter the house. Here you still need to be in control of the situation and you need to have the dog wait patiently when you are preparing to enter your home. If he can’t wait patiently, don’t remove the leash. Hold the leash close to you until the dog calms down and you can both enter your home when you decide it is the right time.

More Rewards

If you dog goes through all these steps without a problem, it is time to reward it again. Allow it to drink water and eat something. By doing this, the dog will feel that he as earned his right to eat and drink and will help him to remember the best way to behave the next time you go out for a walk.

If you’re having problems it can be stressful time for both you and your pet. If you follow these simple steps it will help the both of you overcome issues you might have. If you are having persistent problems with your dog it might benefit both of you to seek professional help.

By Roger Tomkins

If you’re looking for a professional to help you resolve any issues you might be having with your dog, you should definitely consider a dog trainer.

Dog Walking

Dog Walking

Dogs need to be outside everyday for at least some period of time. They need to run, smell, play, take care of business, etc. It is unkind to keep a dog indoors for full 24hrs or more. It is also a fact that city life is very busy and dog owners may not have the time to walk their dog as much as they need it. As such, dog walking services are springing up all over the place. Hiring a dog walker is a viable and loving option and will keep your dog happy and healthy.
Dog Walking
You can hire a dog walking service for periods of half hour at a time. We find that a half hour is sufficient for most dogs especially if this is the mid-day walk and seems to be suitable for most budgets. Early morning or evening walks available upon request. Longer walks may be negotiated. All dogs should be walked on an individual basis, not in a group walk.

Accepting Dog Meet n Greet breed socials. If you have a group that meets up monthly and are looking for a private location for monthly meet ups contact a dog walking service in your area.


Do you need to go away on short vacation or some other quick trip? Can’t take your pet along with you for one reason or another? Don’t leave them at home alone and have someone come just to feed them. They need playtime and loving care even while you are away. That is why you should find a pet service that offers overnight bed and breakfast catering to your four legged family member. Beyond the great food and locations, these services aim to pamper your pet, providing extra touches of service and amenities that will make their stay more memorable. Administering medications, special dietary needs, they will take care of all these needs included in the price. A quality pet bed and breakfast service will respect all of your wishes regarding your pet and their care.

Doggie Daycare


I’m lonely!
I’m bored!
I need more attention!!!!!

If your dog is telling you any of the above…

Doggie day care is an alternative to leaving your dog alone at home all day while you’re at work or school. Your pet will get physical, mental and emotional benefits by spending time with friends of the same kind. Dogs not only need structure.. they want it!

Good for your dog because:

fills their need for companionship when you’re not there
they make new doggie friends & constantly improve their social skills & confidence
it helps them work off excess energy
he/she will be less prone to destructive behaviors
separation anxiety is minimized
good behaviors are reinforced and praised

Good for you because:

from time to time you just need a break
you want to give your dog a special day out
your schedule sometimes interferes with your time with your pet
you can have a night out knowing that your dog has had a full and tiring day
your pet needs to vacate during renovations, house cleaning etc.
peace of mind, knowing that your pet is in a safe and happy environment


Good daycare offers maximum safety and comfort.

Doggie daycare facilities should include:

Canine couches and chairs
Digital TV for the intellectuals
Sports equipment for our athletic types
Quiet areas for our senior members
Fully enclosed outdoor playground