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5 Tips For Dog Walking

We all know that we should exercise our dogs regularly. However, sometimes our dog is so out of control that we sometimes don’t bother because we don’t want the embarrassment of having to go through tantrums in front of the neighbours. If this sounds like your daily routine when taking your dog for a walk then you need to read these 5 tips for dog walking.

Use a Short Leash

A short leash gives you more control over your dog. Attach the leash to the top of the neck and ensure that it is secure and not too tight or too loose. This heightened control can help you to easily guide and correct him when he is trying to control you. You need to be in control of him at all times, not the other way around.

Walk in Front

As stated above, you need to be in control of the dog. If the dog is pulling you on the walk, it is controlling you. Instead, make sure that you hold the dog’s leash close to your body (use 2 hands if need be) and that you’re always walking ahead of the dog. This will show dominance and show him that he doesn’t have control over you and that you are, in fact, the pack leader.



Dogs have a really strong sense of smell and they will want to sniff nearly everything that they walk past. If the dog has been well behaved up until this point in time, you can loosen the leash slightly to give him more freedom to sniff around and do what dogs do. However, when you decide that this reward is over, you should stop the dog and continue with your walk, maintaining your position in front.

Arriving Home

The walk doesn’t end when you get home, instead you need to remove the leash, remove your shoes and enter the house. Here you still need to be in control of the situation and you need to have the dog wait patiently when you are preparing to enter your home. If he can’t wait patiently, don’t remove the leash. Hold the leash close to you until the dog calms down and you can both enter your home when you decide it is the right time.

More Rewards

If you dog goes through all these steps without a problem, it is time to reward it again. Allow it to drink water and eat something. By doing this, the dog will feel that he as earned his right to eat and drink and will help him to remember the best way to behave the next time you go out for a walk.

If you’re having problems it can be stressful time for both you and your pet. If you follow these simple steps it will help the both of you overcome issues you might have. If you are having persistent problems with your dog it might benefit both of you to seek professional help.

By Roger Tomkins

If you’re looking for a professional to help you resolve any issues you might be having with your dog, you should definitely consider a dog trainer.

Choosing a Veterinarian for Your Pet

No matter what type of pet you own, you probably have gone to the veterinarian at least once. You might not have a doctor that you take your pet to regularly, but it is important to have one that you feel like you can trust. You should be able to trust him or her to be experienced, charge fair prices, be reliable, and have a good reputation.

You look at a practitioner’s experience when you are looking for your own practitioner. It is equally pertinent when looking for one for your pet. Some pets are like children to their owners, so it is important to them that the veterinarian is qualified to treat whatever may come up with your pet.

Fair prices need also be noted when looking for a medical practitioner for your pet. You will probably need to shop around in order to know where to find the best deal. Some people will spare no expense for their pets. It can be costly to have certain operations or treatments done. So, if you care about the cost of treatment, then it is important for you to do price comparisons. It’s also important to know the health history of your pet’s breed, preparing yourself for future costs and health issues.

You’ll also want to look for a reliable veterinarian. Find one that is on call if necessary and has hours that make them available to people with a variety of schedules. It is also good to find an animal physician that you can turn to regularly. You will be more satisfied with a doctor that forms a personal relationship with your animal.

The reputation of a doctor for your pet also needs to be considered. You can find out about the reputation of various practitioners by reading online reviews and customer feedback forums. You may want to go to sites that are known for being reliable such as Angie’s List.

After considering all of these areas, it is important to narrow down your choices and choose a veterinarian that will offer you the skilled services that your pet needs. Choosing a doctor in advance is important, because you never know when a health issue may arise. It is not easy to think about something happening, but by planning ahead, you are doing your pet a huge favor by being prepared beforehand. You would not want something to happen and be stuck without the help that you need.

By Alfred Ardis

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